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ZNF Store is an online shopping e-commerce company planning to be the market leader in Pakistan to enable our customers and vendors to buy & sell directly at ZNF Platform, for your online shopping which means it’s just the customer and the brand. This way, our customers win on price, flexibility , product reliability our vendors will have extended market share. The market share of ZNF store is growing rapidly in Pakistan, as more vendors and consumers join its platform. This increasing growth more variety, better prices and peace of mind for you if you sign up to ZNF store.

For your online shopping Our team of dedicated specialists aims to build good local support from home across Pakistan and then branch out internationally. Our competitive advantage comes from our understanding of e-Commerce, trained staff, up-to-date IT technology, target market, and our vendor’s network, networking in business community.With strong contacts among the industry leaders in different sectors, we are determined to become a market leader by the end of 2021.


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Parvez Akbar Khan

CEO Founder

Taha Akbar Khan



We are partnered with some of the esteemed top-class businesses of Pakistan as well as international. We value our partnerships and are always happy to provide help in every way.
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